About Senseye

Senseye was created to shape the future of computing. Here at Senseye, it is our core mission to bring the most intelligent and creative minds together in order to shape our aspirations for the future. Our goal is to create an emotional resonance between humans and computers that mirrors the intimate resonance that exists between people. Achieving this goal will foster a more productive and symbiotic relationship between man and machine and will revolutionize the way the people use computers at home as well as in the field. We are looking for brilliant minds who are able to envision something as magical and surreal as our concepts. It is up to the dreamers of the scientific world, to be able to bring this technology closer to reality. When working at Senseye, you will be contributing to knocking down the barriers between man and machine. Our moonshot, Human-Computer Symbiosis, will revolutionize the way humans communicate with technology, using a unique, sensory interface technology we’ve developed, a direct link from the brain to a computer via the eye.

In order to achieve these goals, Senseye has shaped the workspace necessary for employees. We pride ourselves on providing our bright minds with a nurturing and supportive workplace environment, ensuring that they are always able to reach their ground-breaking potential.

Current openings